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Plan of Work

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Eliot, “Four Quartets”

The Council adopted the following plan of work on February 12, 2008.

Plan of Work assumes:

  • the need for thorough and accurate information prior to developing specific plans or responses to specific concerns;
  • that Skagit County is not in a position to do all the Growth Management Act (GMA)-mandated studies;
  • that there exists significant information in files and knowledge of staff in various agencies;
  • that there is significant “local knowledge”—historical experience as well as local professional observation;
  • that participation/collaboration leads to useful knowledge as well as broad-based ownership of outcomes.

Initial priorities:

  • to develop an inventory of information about south Fidalgo Island that will provide the basis for planning and responses to concerns, including, but not limited to, the development of a sub-area plan;
  • to develop a methodology for involving residents and owners in planning, including a means for updating and inviting feedback;
  • to provide relevant input to Skagit County and other decision-makers on matters directly affecting south Fidalgo Island;
  • to address additional specific issues that arise within the larger scope of the council’s work, e.g., DOT and Sharpes Corner intersection;
  • to provide opportunities for community input, education, and interaction.

Style of work:

  • to invite local involvement by tapping local knowledge and experience;
  • to cooperate with various agencies with jurisdiction in south Fidalgo and whose staff has knowledge and experience pertaining to south Fidalgo issues;


  • Create an Inventory of South Fidalgo Information/Knowledge:
    • identify the elements for an inventory (see attached);
    • brainstorm possible sources of knowledge and information;
    • identify SFCC-member coordinator(s) for each element (see attached);
    • prepare guidelines for gathering and recording information;
    • identify and invite additional persons who have offered to help;
    • begin contacts, gather information;
    • coordinate and share overlapping information among SFCC coordinators in each element;
    • collate information within each element;
    • periodically report progress to SFCC.
  • Fill in the Gaps
    • in each element, determine if additional information is needed;
    • ascertain individuals and/or methods for gathering any needed additional information.
  • Determine Interaction Among Plan Elements and Implications for Planning:
    • as necessary, convene an interdisciplinary group of persons (identified during the development of the inventory) with the ability to interpret accumulated information, identify interactions among elements, and suggest implications for future planning.
  • Draft Sub-Area Plan:
    • SFCC to draft a sub-area plan, drawing upon the inventory and the implications identified above;
    • SFCC will invite responses to the plan draft from residents and owners as well as from those involved with the inventory process;
    • SFCC will finalize a draft sub-area plan; o SFCC will review draft plan again with interested parties;
    • SFCC will work with Skagit County agencies and officials for review and approval of the plan;
    • SFCC will work with county, state, etc., agencies based on the plan’s implications for an agency’s responsibilities on south Fidalgo Island.