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Community Council Meeting of August 12, 2009

Deception Pass Headquarters Building, 6:30 PM

Our monthly meeting will be held at the Deception Pass State Park Headquarters Building, 41020 State Route 20, Oak Harbor, WA 98277.

Directions: follow Highway 20 across Deception Pass Bridge traveling toward  Oak Harbor. Take the first left turn into the Park Headquarters

Agenda items:

  • Call to order
  • Proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
  • Election of new council Treasurer and Vice Chair
  • Transition plan details
  • Election plan for new council members
  • Identify issues that need to be addressed 
  • Announcements
  • Public Comments

Fostering community and preserving the character of South Fidalgo Island

South Fidalgo Community Council

August 12, 2009
Deception Pass State Park Headquarters

Council members in attendance: Tom Carson, Jan Hersey, Harold Harrington, Cyndi Walters, Robert Atterberry. Leigh Sawyer was excused.

Guests: Dave Pearson, Chuck Peterson

Call to order:

Chair Jan Hersey called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


The minutes from the August 4th meeting were read. Robert moved to accept the minutes as written. Tom seconded. Motion passed.

Articles of Incorporation:

Jan read the proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation:

Amendments to Articles of Incorporation

Article II, Section 4, Paragraph 2 is hereby deleted.
Article III, Section 2 is hereby deleted.
The number, term, and election of Councilmembers shall be governed by the bylaws.

She then asked for a resolution to amend them. Tom moved to amend the articles as read. The motion was seconded by Robert. Motion passed as presented.

Election of treasurer:

Harold moved to combine the office of Secretary and Treasurer for the rest of the term. Tom seconded the motion. Motion passed. Cyndi volunteered to fulfill those duties until the end of the term. A vote was taken and passed.


Tom moved to approve a list of changes and additions to the bylaws and move forward with drafting the actual bylaws language (see below). Robert seconded. The council voted unanimously in favor of proceeding.

Harold agreed to work on the bylaw revision language and then distribute to the council for review.

Special meeting:

Robert hasn't heard back from the fire chief yet but we are hoping to have the meeting between Aug 25th and 27th for the purpose of sharing the finalized election schedule and the bylaw amendments with the public. The content of a press release announcing the special meeting was discussed. Jan will draft and send to the media. The release also will be circulated via the SFCC email list and posted on the website.

Election details:

Jan said that she would speak with the League of Women Voters by the end of the weekend to update them on changes and get a timeline for the election firmed up.

Public Comments:

Dave: Dave reported on a Public Hearing that he attended this morning. The hearing was for a preliminary plat approval request for the creation of five single family lots, one open space lot, through the CaRD land division process. The proposal included the reconfiguration of five adjacent existing substandard lots into five smaller lots on a total of 3.23 acres. The project is in a RI zoning area. The applicant wants to make property line adjustments and build 3 - 3600 sq ft homes. Dave said the acreage is too small to be governed by the CaRD rule.

Sept 25, 29, 30th, there will be a rehearing on the Clear Valley wetland. It was remanded by commissioners back to the hearing examiner. Testimony will be heard from the Applicant, the County, Friends of Skagit County, and Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland.


Cyndi will meet with Dave next week to get the PO box key, sign signature card and answer questions regarding her new duties as treasurer.

Robert moved and Harold seconded to adjourn at 7:38 pm. Passed.

By-Law Changes and Additions

August 12, 2009

Additions to By-Laws:

Council make-up:

  • no more than 9 members
  • 2 from each of the precincts w/in stated [South Fidalgo] boundaries
  • 3 at-large [members]
  • 3 year terms
  • first election = staggered terms

Council Election:

  • annual election prior to annual meeting
  • results announced @ annual meeting
  • mail-in ballots
  • independent monitors
  • eligible voters = registered Skagit Co. voters in 3 precincts [Dewey, Fidalgo, Rosario]
  • all voters vote for all precincts plus at-large

Council Duties and Powers:

  • Council fills any Council vacancy resulting from resignation or removal from office, including any position vacant at time of annual election
  • 1. from among eligible voters
  • 2. for duration of unexpired term
  • establish an annual budget
  • make final decisions concerning policies, public documents and public testimony.
  • maintain active website

Annual Meeting

  • establish date and agenda for an annual meeting
  • 1. announce results of election

Special Meetings:

  • provide for special meetings called by SFCC or voters

Changes in existing by-laws:


  • council elects own officers
  • 1. elected annually following the annual meeting
  • 2. terms = 1 year