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Community Council Meeting of May 13, 2009

Deception Pass Park Headquarters Building, 6:30 PM

Our monthly meeting will be held at the Deception Pass State Park Headquarters Building, 41020 State Route 20, Oak Harbor, WA 98277.

Directions: follow Highway 20 across Deception Pass Bridge traveling toward  Oak Harbor. Take the first left turn into the Park Headquarters

Agenda items:

Ellen Bynum, Director - ex officio  of Friends of Skagit County will be our guest speaker. Friends of Skagit County (FOSC) is a local non-profit organization working for the benefit of the Skagit community to manage growth and stop sprawl.  Through grassroots organizing and advocacy they work to protect our open spaces, farms, forests, and natural heritage, and to support compact, "walkable" neighborhoods in our towns.


  • Plan of Work
  • Fundraising
  • Elements of SubArea Plan

South Fidalgo Community Council

May 13, 2009

Ellen Bynum,  Friends of Skagit Co., rescheduled to July 8, 2009 meeting due to illness. 

Al Jeff spoke with Maggie Sullivan of the Alger Council and reported that Maggie is willing to come and speak at any time (re:  Citizen Advisory Committee).

How many sub-area plans? - Guemes, Alger, South Fidalgo, Bay View

Financial:  $423.99 in the bank, $10.00 fee paid for State Report

Reports:      Dewey Beach Potluck, WSDOT Todd Harrison reported that the roundabout has been delayed until 2019.

1.       SFCC is scheduled to give presentation at the next Dewey Beach Potluck

2.       Next Meeting:  Open Space, Urban Growth area

3.       Dikes are not public areas.

4.       Wetland mitigation meeting 19th of May

5.       Recycle centers can be anywhere

Goal:  Get County Commissioners to meet with us 

Jan:  Re:  Fundraiser meeting at 13841 Eagle Crest Ln., Anacortes, WA 

Jan made bookmarks to give away to the public at the Farmer's Market. We will have an information table, donation jar, receipt book for tax deduction to donors, and a sign up sheet for our mailing list.

Sub Area Plan:       (Dave/Harold/Tom)         Ron Wesen Skagit County Commissioner will attend our July meeting.

          Proposal:  go to County Commissioners with request to take action on specific items, ie: Moratorium on CaRDs (Conservation and Reserve Developments) 

Dave - opinion-     2003 involved from beginning - island rezone was rejected.        We are a residential island, keep it that way. 

1.       uses of land           2.  CaRDs     3.  bike paths - besides roads 

SFCC:  need to follow commissioners

Talking points for info table at market: aquifer, subarea plan, Sharpes Corner, CaRDs, drainage, land use, open space

Motion:  passed

          Bring proposal to the public then to the commissioners 

SFCC begins with a table for information at the farmer's market

Jan:  contact person for market set-up 


Special June Meeting - 6/3/09

Regular Meeting - 6/10/09

Dinner Meeting - 6/18/09

Check on Fire Hall availability 

Promote the dinner meeting to the public 

Each member invite 20 neighbors 

Sign at Lake Erie and Harold's Market

Ad in the Clamdigger and Anacortes American 

Jan:  website, call Ryan Lessons for website  we are not waiting for Ryan  Jim Thompson video classes

Community Service Project or Senior Project

submitted by Robert Atterberry