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Community Council Meeting of March 11, 2009

Deception Pass State Park Headquarters, 6:30 PM

Our monthly meeting will be held at the Deception Pass State Park Headquarters Building, 41020 State Route 20, Oak Harbor, WA 98277.

We have had to move our meetings to the Deception Pass State Park Headquarters. They have offered to host our meeting without cost. Our prior locations now charge either by the hour or by the day.

Directions: follow Highway 20 across Deception Pass Bridge traveling toward Oak Harbor. Take the first left turn into the Park Headquarters.


  • Call to order
  • planning for the fundraising event
  • Plan of Work updates - esp. transportation
  • list & schedule for speakers at SFCC meetings
  • discussion about management of our several priorities (studies, fundraising, sub-area plan, speakers, etc.)


Meeting minutes-March 11th, 2009 

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. at the Deception Pass State park headquarters. Elected council members - Tom Carson, Harold Harrington, Jan Hersey, Dave Pearson, Cyndi Walters, Robert Atterberry were present.

A call to order was given by Tom Carson. 

Organizational Matters

The minutes of Feb. 11th, 2009 were approved unanimously, as presented

Dave Pearson gave the treasurer's report. There is currently $305.85 in the bank. There are no pending fees or outstanding debts at this time

Leigh Sawyer:

For health reasons Leigh is excused from meetings for the time being. 


Discussed fire station for fund raiser and moving the meeting space. Jan throws in Fidalgo Be Wild and changing the meet night. Moving was put on hold till next meeting. Next meeting April 8th.

Jan suggests we start small with a potluck. Spaghetti dinner is something we could do. Robert volunteers to prepare the food, David, Cyndi, Robert, Sheila, & Jan, agree to meet about fundraiser.

Guest Speaker 

Guest speaker from the Sammish tribe. Will talk about Tribal land use in South Fidalgo.

Bring folding chairs for speaker nights.


Need to fix the Web site

We will put out an e-mail for a web site guru

We need to use our personal e-mail address to e-mail each other

Community Comment to the Council

Dave Crawford brought a booklet that he made, concerning Sharpe corner and Deception Pass Bridge. Dave is convinced we need a new bridge to replace the Deception Pass bridge. A new location from the Stanwood area.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm submitted by Robert Atterberry