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Community Council Meeting of February 11, 2009

Deception Pass State Park Headquarters, 6:30 PM

All of our meetings will now be held at the Deception Pass State Park Headquarters Building, 41020 State Route 20, Oak Harbor, WA 98277.

We have had to move our meetings to the Deception Pass State Park Headquarters. They have offered to host our meeting without cost. Our prior locations now charge either by the hour or by the day.

Directions: follow Highway 20 across Deception Pass Bridge traveling toward Oak Harbor. Take the first left turn into the Park Headquarters.

6:30 pm
Call to order
Public Comment
Mission statement
Fundraising Report
Preliminary Sub-Area Plan


February 11, 2009 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Tom Carson at 6:30 p.m. at the Deception Pass Park Foundation Office

located at 41020 SR 20, Oak Harbor, WA 98277.  Elected Councilmembers  - Tom Carson, Robert Atterberry, Dave Pearson, Harold Harrington, Leigh Sawyer and Jan Hersey were present.  Cyndi Walters had an excused absence.  Harold Harrington expressed his appreciation for allowing us to hold our meetings at this facility. 

Public Comment

Time was allotted for public comment.   One question was made in regards to the Highway 20 construction project.  A response was deferred until later in the meeting, as that is one of the topics on the agenda.

Organizational Matters

The minutes of December 10, 2008 were approved unanimously.  The SFCC Secretary, Leigh Sawyer will email a copy of the approved minutes, to December's guest speaker, Jeroldine Hallberg.

Dave Pearson gave a treasurer's report.  There is currently $55.82 in the bank. There are no outstanding debts or obligations. 

The regular meeting on January 14thwas cancelled due to lack of facility to conduct the meeting.  The Deception Pass Park Foundation Office has been reserved for the 2ndWednesday of each month.  Dave Pearson stated he has been continuing to communicate with the Fire Commissioner in Anacortes about possibly being able to have an alternative site at no charge at one of the South Fidalgo fire halls. 

A study session was conducted at Tom Carson's home On January 7th to discuss the writing of the subarea plan and the need for working groups to begin meeting outside of normally scheduled meetings.

Suggestions for Future Meetings

Jan Hersey suggested a brainstorming session to determine speakers for future meetings.  She suggested that guest speakers would encourage more community interest and attendance at SFCC meetings.  She further suggested a calendar be created for these speakers so that it might be posted in public areas. 

Parameters would be established such as a 30 minute time limit -possibly an hour if the topic is especially pertinent. 


Samish Tribe Planner - Ted Gage

Navy Base Expansion

Septic Update for Skagit County - Steve Olsen

Beachwatchers Information (Jan Hersey)

Put a request for suggestion of topics on the website

Assessor's office

Backyard Wildlife

Large parcel of land donation

Skagit Land Trust

Conservation Easements - Molly Durant

ACFL Parks and Recreation  - John Lunsford

Open Spaces - Linda White

Jan Hersey offered to contact Ted Gage and see if he would be able to speak at our next meeting on March 11th.

She will let Cyndi Walters know so the website and publications can be coordinated.

Tom Carson suggested that if meetings become more community oriented, more business would need to occur outside of our regular meetings.

Mission Statement

Jan Hersey passed out a document with 5 selections.  The general consensus of the council was to put community first in our statement. 

Jan made a motion to accept the first statement as our mission statement.  Robert seconded it.  It was unanimously approved. 

The mission statement for the South Fidalgo Community Council is:

"Fostering community and preserving the character of South Fidalgo Island."


Bev Martin was to be the speaker for the January meeting of the SFCC.  Since the venue was not available, she was not able to give her presentation.  She was not able to attend the February meeting, but she provided multiple handouts.  Leigh shared some of Bev's suggestions and gave out several of the documents Bev had prepared including a document specific for a dinner and auction to benefit the SFCC.  Bev was adamant that fundraising needs to occur in the Spring, preferably March/April time frame and should include a way for residents to give even if they don't attend.  She further suggested enlisting community volunteers and requesting small amounts from many rather than relying on a sizable donation from one benefactor.  There is a need to have some operating funds and there is an election in November that should cost between $5,000 - $7,000. 


Farmer's Market Booth - make more of the population aware and man a booth on Saturday's with literature

Spaghetti Feed

Pancake Breakfast

Venues could be the Walla Walla Facility or Cranberry Lake

Art Auction - some South Fidalgo community members have already been approached and have agreed to donate art for the cause

Robert stated his catering company would be able to assist with any food options.

Tom Carson stated we might be able to send out a notification of an event through email newsletters with other organizations in the community.

The volunteers for this project are Sheila, Jan, Robert, Leigh and Dave.  Leigh will initiate getting these volunteers together by email for further discussion.  

Plan of Work Updates

Tom Carsondiscussed the ongoing concerns with the group Safe Crossings and their concerns about the potential roundabout at Sharpe's Corner.  They continue to push for safe crossing for pedestrians, breaks in traffic and safe crossings for bicycles.  Dave Crawford has gotten involved with this and is attempting to get the DOT to set up a meeting to discuss these issues.  Tom Carson has contacted Senator Mary Margaret Haugen's office to discuss further with her, as she seemed concerned about these issues.  It would appear that the current fiscal crisis might postpone this project.  This will be to our advantage to encourage a redesign.  A suggestion was made to get Kevin Ranker involved.  He was newly elected in November.

Dave Pearsonstated a buildout estimate for drainage is being completed.  Michael See is no longer involved with this project.  Dave believes this study is not a high priority as funding is an issue at the County offices.


Harold Harringtonis progressing on the draft of the subarea plan.  He has emailed a copy of the 2006 plan completed by the CAC to all members.  He has done some initial editing on the document.  He has requested that everyone read the document.  Harold sent a method of file coordination to the SFCC members a few months ago.  He requested that everyone review this document prior to submitting his or her edits to him.  Harold has further requested that each member get a sense of the area they might be interested and specifically work on that portion of the document.  He encouraged each of us to get involved.  He would like for the document to be proofread and turned over two times per month. 

Harold requested that Leigh email him a copy of the roster so that he may have multiple emails and contacts for each councilmember.   

Suggestions were made to share the document at the pancake breakfast and some neighborhood meetings to get more community involvement and local knowledge critical to a functional plan.  The document could also be emailed to interested parties as a read only file. 

Dave Pearson made two relevant comments - the vision for the subarea plan needs to be addressed as a rural community and the subarea plan needs to be mentioned as a living document that can be altered in the future as necessary.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Leigh Sawyer, Secretary, SFCC