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Community Council Meeting of November 12, 2008

Fidalgo School Multipurpose Room, 6:30 PM

  • action on Mission Statement
  • Plan of Work progress reports
  • discussion of county/regional meetings SFCC should attend
  • one-year review of SFCC work
  • discussion of 2009 work sessions
  • training for fund-raising

November 12, 2008 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. at the Fidalgo Elementary School Multipurpose Room.  Elected Councilmembers  - Tom Carson, Robert Atterberry, Dave Pearson, Jan Hersey, Leigh Sawyer and Cyndi Walters were present.  Harold Harrington had an excused absence.

A call to order was given by Tom Carson.  A half-hour was allotted for community comment to the Council. 

Dave Crawford passed out some materials on the Sharpe's Corner DOT project.  He expressed concern about the pedestrian crossing planned for the project and asked for support in moving it underground and not in the way of the roundabout.  He presented information supporting his position and indicated he is also taking his request to the Anacortes City Council.  He also expressed concerns about property purchases and funding for this project.  His attempts to gather financial data have not been productive.  

Sheila Pritchett took an opportunity to give an annual review of the council.  She pointed out many achievements and positive working relationships within the Council, but advised we put more effort into our interactions and involvement with the South Fidalgo residents.  She gave several great suggestions including guest speakers and web hosting of local events and artists.  Her grade for the 1st year of the SFCC is a solid B. 

Carol Elhers made a suggestion to modify the website to make it easier for visitors to find relevant information. 

Organizational Matters

The minutes of October 8, 2008 were approved unanimously, with one minor correction of the spelling of Cyndi's name and the addition to the record of contact information for Matt Miller, NAS Whidbey Island XO.  

Dave Pearson gave a treasurer's report.  There is currently $155.74 in the bank.  An outstanding invoice exists for $100.00 for Graphic Concepts for the work done on the logo.  Payment of this bill was unanimously approved.  

Jan Hersey passed out a mission statement for discussion.  The statement was "To preserve and enhance the community and natural character of South Fidalgo Island through education, communication and advocacy."  After a lengthy discussion, it was determined that some key words were still not included and more mention needed to be made about fostering community, involvement of the community and possibly preserving character with impending changes and growth.  Jan and Robert offered to work on it together during the next month and present a final draft at the next SFCC meeting.  

Plan of Work Updates

Aquifers - Dave Pearson has been working with Phil Cohen to tie the well logs to the parcels and standardize the geological definitions, as they are very subjective.  Dave reports this project is approximately 80% completed. 

Transportation - Every 6 months, the SCOG has a regional transportation meeting.  Tom and Dave Crawford attended.  Tom stated that there seems to be more interest about creating breaks for local traffic in the Sharpes Corner project.  He said that Senator Mary Margaret Haugen sided with us in the need for this.  With the current budget concerns, there may be more time and energy to dedicate in redesigning this. 

Open Spaces - Skagit Planning Department would like to complete the Open Spaces plan before the end of the year.  They have proposed a County wide trail system that would be funded by a sales tax increase.  Jeroldine Hallberg would like to make a presentation to the SFCC at our next meeting.  Leigh stated that a link to the Plan is available in the October minutes.  In addition, Dave Pearson passed on some literature and requested it be read prior to the next meeting.  Councilmembers were asked to bring good questions to the next meeting. Dave Pearson offered to distribute a personal letter he wrote about the plan to the SFCC members pointing out some of the points he thinks need to be addressed.   The time for public comment on the plan should be the 3rd week of November. 

Septic Information - The septic regulations in Skagit County are changing soon.  Cyndi stated there is a program in place at Island County for participants to attend a program and become certified to inspect their own septic system.  Currently, Skagit County hosts a number of Septic 101 classes that entitle the participants to get a discount on inspections and riser installation.  There is a Septic 101 class being held 11/19 at Padilla Bay Interpretive Center from 7-9 pm and a second one on 12/5 at the Mt. Vernon PUD offices from 1-3 pm.  Cyndi suggested we put the septic information on the website and possibly draft a letter to encourage Skagit County to create a self-inspection program. 


Fundraising - Leigh stated that she had a conversation with Bev Martin, a local fundraiser, and was able to get a commitment for a presentation at a January meeting. 

A Year in the Life of SFCC -  Leigh and Tom had put together some ideas and topics together for accomplishments the first year of the Council.  These were distributed to the Council. 

Tom Carson suggested we meet again with the Skagit County Commissioners to discuss the 1-year accomplishments and request a moratorium on any items we have determined need to be addressed. 

Cyndi and Jan volunteered to work together to draft something to be published to the public and Robert agreed to help get it published in the Anacortes American.  

Ideas for Work Groups - Tom suggested we work together by combining our interests.  Doing this should allow us to determine specific needs from the community.  Furthermore, working in groups should allow us to cooperate on attending more meetings and hearings with the County and local government.  This will enable us to network and get more involved.  It was suggested that the pertinent hearing and meeting dates be posted on the SFCC website for better public participation.  These meetings are published in the classified section of the Skagit Valley Herald.  Alternatively, the County Commissioner agenda for the week can be accessed at 360/419-7600.

January Work Sessions - Tom suggested a series of study or work sessions for January similar to last year to update the Plan of Work, focus our efforts and generate fundraising ideas.  Harold will confirm the January meeting place and check on its availability for study sessions. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Leigh Sawyer, Secretary, SFCC

Minutes unanimously approved December 10, 2008.