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Community Council Meeting of September 10, 2008

Fidalgo School Multipurpose Room, 6:30 PM

  1. Council vacancy filled
  2. Updates from special meetings including Anacortes City Council resolution on transportation and County meeting on Guemes and S. Fidalgo aquifers
  3. Consideration of an SFCC version of the CoA resolution on transportation (see copy forwarded to you prior to Sept. 2 CoA Council meeting)
  4. A meeting with DOT around issues in resolution(s)
  5. Position on PUD ballot issue
  6. Draft Mission Statement
  7. Guidelines for communications--public statements and/or use of our website and e-mail lists
  8. Consideration of response to SSF e-mail from Roger Robinson
  9. Identification of meetings we need to attend and/or groups with which we need to keep in contact (see Plan of Work)
  10. Planning for special events, including fund-raising, Septics 101, candidate forum, PSE/PUD issues Let me know if there are other items or if you see an order of priority for those above

Chairman Tom Carson called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Other SFCC members in attendance were Harold Harrington, Cyndi Walters, Jan Hersey and David Pearson. Leigh Sawyer's absence was excused. Public guests included Dave Crawford, Sheila Pritchett and Tom Glade.

Tom Carson welcomed our new SFCC member, Robert Atterberry, who succeeds Tom Conroy, who has resigned.

Last month's meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

During public comment, Dave Crawford expressed concern about the growing traffic levels on Highway 20 -- at Sharpes Corner, at Gibralter Road and at Campbell Lake Road. He suggested that DOT review its 2001 study which rejected a direct Whidbey/I-5 link, proposing that it might reduce traffic through Sharpes Corner by one-third. He urged that we all attend the September 25th DOT meeting at Anacortes Middle School to support another look at the Whidbey/I-5 bridge. Tom Carson and Cyndi Walters reported that the City of Anacortes would be approving a resolution seeking additional consideration for non-motorized transportation in the Sharpes Corner design.

The Treasurer's report: The SFCC has $155.60 in the Bank.

With Tom Conroy's resignation, the SFCC needs a new Vice-Chairman. Cyndi Walters nominated Jan Hersey. Robert Atterberry seconded Jan's nomination and the SFCC members approved unanimously.

Returning to the City of Anacortes resolution (No.1762) regarding non-motorized access at Sharpes Corner, Cyndi Walters asked what SFCC action should be. After a brief discussion of alternatives, Jan Hersey agreed to prepare a DRAFT SFCC statement, which could be forwarded to the County, and to a new advocacy organization called "SAFE CROSSINGS". The focus of the SFFC draft will be 1) to reduce the traffic on Fidalgo Island and 2) to improve local motorized and non-motorized access for South Fidalgo residents.

Harold Harrington and David Pearson briefly reviewed a September 8th Guemes/Fidalgo aquifer meeting. The meeting described the various methods/studies/reports regarding the Guemes and Whidbey aquifers and
validated the SFCC's approach of using welllogs to begin researching aquifers on South Fidalgo (we're just not as far along as Guemes/Whidbey). Phil Cohen (who worked on Whidbey's studies) and Victor Garcia (via Cyndi Walters) have offered their assistance to us as we go forward.

Jan Hersey handed out several DRAFT SFCC "Mission Statement" proposals. Members should read and send comments to Jan ASAP.

Should the SFCC make a recommendation on PUD initiative? Get inputs to Tom Carson ASAP. We'll discuss at October meeting.

If the SFCC wishes to convene a Commissioner candidate forum prior to November's election, potential dates of October 8th or 14th/15th were suggested, perhaps with co-sponsor by either Evergreen Islands or perhaps the
PTA/PTSA. Robert & Cyndi will look into feasibility and advise the SFCC members.

Tom Carson reported that Steve Olsen will be presenting another Septics 101 class for Del Mar & Sunset West water system members at the Walla Walla Research Station. Should SFCC co-sponsor?

Skagit Valley College is offering a 2-day course on November 5th and 6th, 2008, entitled "Fundraising for Small Non-Profits" at a cost of $295. Cyndi and Robert will inquire about this class.

Finally, Cyndi reported that, effective January 1st, 2009, use of the Fidalgo School for SFCC meetings would cost $20 per hour.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Minutes taken by SFCC member, Dave Pearson

Unanimously approved for submission 10/8/08.