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Community Council Meeting of October 8, 2008

Fidalgo School Multipurpose Room, 6:30 PM

6:30-7:30 PM: Community/Public Comments

7:00-8:00 PM:

  1. Organizational Matters
    • Minutes - September 10, 2008
    • Financial Update
    • Council meeting dates
    • Council meeting location
    • Mission statement
  2. Updates on meetings
    • Aquifers
    • Transportation
      • DOT
      • SCOG
    • Open space
    • Fundraising workshop
    • Septic workshops
  3. Next steps
    • One-year SFCC evaluation
    • Report to owners/residents, county commissioners
    • Ideas for workgroups

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. at the Fidalgo Elementary School Multipurpose Room. Elected Councilmembers - Tom Carson, Robert Atterberry, Dave Pearson, Leigh Sawyer and Cyndi Walters were present. Harold Harrington and Jan Hersey had an excused absence.

A call to order was given by Tom Carson. A half-hour was allotted for community comment to the Council. The audience did not choose to participate. 

Organizational Matters

The minutes of September 10, 2008 were approved unanimously, as presented, with no further corrections or additions. Dave Pearson submitted a signed copy to the Secretary, Leigh Sawyer.

Dave Pearson gave a treasurer's report. There is currently $155.67 in the bank. There are no pending fees or outstanding debts at this time.

Discussion ensued about the date and time of our meetings. It was determined that we would maintain the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6:30 - 8:30. 

Beginning January 2009, Fidalgo Elementary will begin charging $20 per hour for use of their facility. Arrangements have been made to begin using the new Deception Park Ranger Station at the first of the year at no charge. This is located on Whidbey Island, but the park is a shared entity with South Fidalgo.

Tom reminded all councilmembers to submit their mission statements to Jan in a timely manner so that we can vote on this at the November meeting.

Updates on Meetings

Aquifers - Phil Cohen, P.E., Surface Water Manager, Island County Public Works may be able to offer a possible lead on some assistance with our well log project. WWU has a Masters Thesis program on water quality.We may be able to enlist students to help us. In addition, there may be funding or a facility available for performing some analytical testing on water samples. This would be especially helpful to determine if a common water source exists in certain sections and parcels. Leigh stated she has some laboratory connections that might be helpful to getting discounted water testing if necessary.

Transportation - Tom stated that it is increasingly clear the WSDOT is hearing our concerns about the Sharpe Corner issues, but he is not sure how this is being addressed. The Anacortes City Council and the SFCC have submitted Resolution 1762 (See attached). This states our major concerns that need to be addressed. Since Cyndi is heading the transportation issues, we are making an effort to get her on the email alert list for SCOG (Skagit Council of Governments) and awareness of the biannual Skagit/Island joint transportation meetings. (See attached SCOG document for further information.)

Open Spaces - At the request of the County Planning Department, Dave and Harold will meet Friday, October 10 with Jeroldine Hallberg to take a look at the open spaces plan. Jeroldine has requested input before the plan goes to the SCOG later this month. The plan has aggressive trails and recreation facilities all over the county that would be paid for by a sales tax levy. A possibility exists that this presentation may be made at the November SFCC meeting. If this is organized, notice will be given to SFCC councilmembers so that fliers can be made available to the public.

Dave Pearson offered to contact Michael See to determine the status of the drainage study for South Fidalgo.

Fundraising Workshop - There is a workshop November 4th and 5th for $295.00 that details fundraising techniques for non-profit organizations. Due to the cost and limited ability of attendance from the councilmembers, Leigh suggested she contact someone she knows in the local community that has their own private fundraising company and see if she could organize an hour for the group. There may be a fee involved with this, but it might only be $50 - $100 for a group speaker. The councilmembers agreed she should investigate this and get back with the details.

Septic Workshop - Three septic workshops left to be presented in 2008. A suggestion was made for an email alert and link to be available on our website. 

Skagit County Commissioners Candidate Forum could not be organized before the election. There are several already planned in the community.

PUD Forum will be held on October 15 at McIntyre Hall. 

Next Steps

Harold has requested we send out a request for volunteers in the community. It was decided that this should not be done until we have a specific task that needs to be filled. For example, if a specific neighborhood requires further investigation of the water sources, we could solicit someone from the geographical area. A reminder was made that there is a definite possibility of external help from WWU.

As our one year mark approaches, Dave suggested we prioritize what we would like to change in the subarea plan and incorporate this as a preliminary finding to ensure this is addressed. Tom stated he would like to discuss next month having several meetings in January, as we did this past year, to narrow our scope and reevaluate what information is realistic and manageable in our plan of work. 

Leigh volunteered to draft a list of bulleted items highlighting our one-year accomplishments for the website and possible submission by email to the community.

Robert suggested approaching the Anacortes America to write an article about the wells and aquifers on South Fidalgo. He further suggested getting the Navy involved with high tech flyovers as they have magnetic equipment that should be able to detect geological patterns and water locations. The contact for this that has already had communications with SFCC members is the XO NAS Whidbey Island, Matt Miller. Matt can be reached at 293-4801. The community liason for NAS Whidbey Island is Jennifer Myer.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.